LeanTags are HTML attributes which link an HTML component to the LeanPages platform. A LeanTag is composed of the attribute, data-lp-type= combined with either a field or an element.

Fields and Elements

Leantags with elements are used to display or submit data. Examples of elements are those which display shopping cart items and submit buttons.

LeanTags with fields connect text forms, check boxes, and radio buttons with either a standard or custom field in the LeanPages app.

Standard fields - Standard fields are predefined by LeanPages and are the all the fields required for checkout and form capture functionality.

Custom Fields - Custom fields are fields that fall outside those covered by standard fields. These are managed in the custom fields manager. Use custom fields when gathering information that isn’t standardized, such as questions on a survey funnel.

Capturing Data with LeanTags

LeanTags can be used to capture data from an HTML field and link it to a third party, such as:

  • Credit card processing with Stripe, Paypal and Bluesnap.
  • CRM (customer relationship management) with Hubspot.
  • Email marketing with MailChimp and SendGrid.

Displaying Dynamic Content

LeanTags can be used to display dynamic content on your website. You’ll want to use dynamic content to show:

  • Product information (image, pricing, descriptions..) on a product page.
  • Content that's been added to a shopping cart.
  • An order summary on a checkout page or confirmation page.

Next, learn the basics on how to capture and submit data off of an html form with LeanTags.