Order Forms & Shopping Carts

Intro to Order Forms & Shopping Carts

This section will teach you how to: Use LeanTags to integrate with payment providers such as Stripe, Bluesnap, Square and Paypal.Display fields for coupon codes.Display cart items and summaries.Validate fields for errors.

Credit Card & PayPal Payments

While a credit card payment uses a submit button, Payapl has their own payment button that leads the customer to their site. Customers who complete their transaction with PayPal do so by entering their billing details on Payal.com. Submitting a Credit Card PaymentThe submit button required for a credit

Discount Code Fields

Once a coupon code has been added to LeanPages you can add a text field to accept it on your checkout page. Click here to learn how to create discount codes to be applied to LeanPages. The LeanTag Field used for coupon codes is ”discount_code” Discount Code Field with

Checkout Page Order Summary

An order summary, which is composed of cart items with pricing information below it,  should be displayed once a customer reaches the checkout page. *LeanTags use elements, not fields when displaying content. Displaying a summary of cart items Only one set of tags is needed for cart items with multiple

Field Validation

This section will teach you how to validate user inputs into fields in real time on an order form. FieldsValid Style/ClassValid style is the default style/class of the field Invalid StyleUse the attribute data-lp-invalid-style <input data-lp-invalid-style="color: red" data-lp-type="first_name"/> Invalid ClassUse the attribute data-lp-invalid-class

Copying Billing/Shipping Fields

Using a radio button to automtically copy billing details from shipping, or vice versa, is common practice to reduce the number of steps a user must take to make a purchse. In order to accomplish this, a form must have both shipping address and billing address containers. *Copying shipping informatino

Dynamic Shopping

If customers can select multiple products before reaching your checkout page, you need to setup dyanamic shopping. Modifying Cart ItemsModifying Cart Items with LeanTagsproduct_quantity LeanTag for single product in page<input type=”number” data-lp-type=”product_quantity”/> product_quantity LeanTag for multiple products in page<input type=

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