In order to get your ecommerce site live with LeanPages, you need to do the following.

  1. Add your website to your LeanPages account
  2. Upload and publish your website
  3. Connect your domain

Ecommerce integrations will work once they have been enabled, and LeanTags added to your site.

Visit our guide on how to use LeanTags to learn how to insert them into your HTML pages.

Adding Your Website

The first step is to add your first website to your LeanPages account. Once complete, you’ll be able to upload your website’s HTML and publish.

Uploading & Publishing Your Website

You can upload your website two ways.

  1. Drag and drop it's contents into the directory tree.
  2. Upload a zip containing your website's contents in website settings.

Once your site's been uploaded you can use the preview link to preview it before publishing. Once the site's been published, it will be live on the LeanPages domain for viewing until you connect your domain.

Connecting Your Domain to LeanPages

To connect your domain, you need to add 4 DNS records with your domain name providor. Two of these records are for directing your domain name, the second two are for your SSL certificate, issued by Amazon Web Services.