While a credit card payment uses a submit button, Payapl has their own payment button that leads the customer to their site. Customers who complete their transaction with PayPal do so by entering their billing details on Payal.com.

Submitting a Credit Card Payment

The submit button required for a credit card payment differs from that of a form.

Credit card providers also require a notification element for the payment provider to validate details.

LeanTags Submit Button

The LeanTag used for a payment submit button is:


Checkout Submit Button HTML with LeanTags

This is an example of HTML you can use to display checkout submit button, with the checkout LeanTag.

<div class="btn" data-lp-type="submit_checkout">Submit</div>

When applying a submit button for checkout:

  • The form tag should be dropped.
  • The data-lp-type attribute should be added with the checkout field.
  • Notification element must be included.

Notification Element

The notification element is required for payment providers to validate details that are submitted.

Insert the line below either above or below the code for the submit button.

<div class="notification" data-lp-type="notification_element" style="display:none"></div>

PayPal Checkout Button

Payment processors that handle their own checkout, such as Paypal, use buttons. The button will be pulled through the LeanTag, so there is no need to link to it in your HTML.

*The notification element is required with the PayPal Button.

Example with LeanTags

This is an example of HTML for a PayPal checkout button with LeanTags.

<div class="btn" data-lp-type="paypal_buttons"></div>