An order summary, which is composed of cart items with pricing information below it,  should be displayed once a customer reaches the checkout page.

*LeanTags use elements, not fields when displaying content.

Displaying a summary of cart items

Only one set of tags is needed for cart items with multiple products.

LeanTags with cart items must start with:

<div data-lp-type="cart_items" style="display: none">

This is followed by the relevant product tags which pulls the product information from LeanPages.

Cart Items LeanTags







<div data-lp-type="cart_items" style="display: none">
       <img data-lp-type="product_image" width="50" height="50"></img>
           <div>Name </div>
           <div data-lp-type="product_name_label"></div>

           <div>Title </div>
           <div data-lp-type="product_title_label"></div>

           <div>Description </div>
           <div data-lp-type="product_description_label"></div>

           <div>Item Price </div>
           <div data-lp-type="product_price_label"></div>

           <div>Quantity </div>
           <div data-lp-type="product_quantity_label"></div>

Displaying the Order Price Summary

After the product summary, you will need to show the price summary. This is composed of some of the following elements with their respective tags.

Shipping - data-lp-type="cart_shipping_costs_label”

Handling - data-lp-type="cart_handling_costs_label”

Discount - data-lp-type="cart_discount_price_label”

Tax - data-lp-type="cart_tax_label”

Subtotal - data-lp-type="cart_items_price_label”

Total Price - data-lp-type="cart_price_label”